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Teaching is not a unilateral affair at all. We, the teachers know the essence of the issue emerges when the stakeholders from the other side of table also make their presence felt. This blog records here about those teacher-student learning and teaching moments which enrich the whole process with more meaningful way.

Come and Cheer the learning by teaching and sharing.


Tuesday 7 March 2017

“I can talk English, Walk English..”

How to speak a language which represents the stature in the surroundings? Where to start- Grammar, Translation, or Vocabulary- a big question not only the learners but the trainers are also facing. Many of the outlets or better to say the English Speaking Shops are keen to sale their products in the form of packages like, etc.. To save themselves from those promising packages, the mother starts to communicate their kiddos in English. It is something that we all take for granted. The English learning posters in the streets create complex in the mind. Indian languages are believed to be inferior languages.           

As a teacher, I personally visited many of the English Speaking Outlets in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. During the conversation with the teachers, I realized that not only the learners but the teachers (Trainers) were also a bit confused. Ego (in the form of fear)- one of the main hurdles in English Speaking for the students whose native place is either Eastern U.P or Bihar. Their so-called Izatt (Ego) stop them to speak English. This can be my personal observation. After ego, the dilemma among grammar, translation, and vocabulary (word meaning) also deprives them to speak English.

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