An Academic Exercise of Learning by Teaching

Teaching is not a unilateral affair at all. We, the teachers know the essence of the issue emerges when the stakeholders from the other side of table also make their presence felt. This blog records here about those teacher-student learning and teaching moments which enrich the whole process with more meaningful way.

Come and Cheer the learning by teaching and sharing.


Sunday 5 March 2017

Before Europe Went for World War

Politics cannot be taught without the bricks and stones of History. World had witnessed varied wars at times in the past but none can be even compared with the world wars on scales of scope, ferocity and impact. Europe was exploiting the world crossing seas and reshaping the world map only into the two classifications; Imperial States and Colonial States.

This development actually did not happen in linear way. It included many other parallel layers of conflict, discontent and other illicit-implicit things. Even a concentrated fifty minutes lecture of pin-drop silence cannot sum up all.
Students & teachers at the Exhibition
This exactly incites us to create some of those moments who could bring glimpses of the countries of Europe prior to the world wars somewhat tangible through the posters, reports and timelines. More than sixty students of School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Galgotias University, together we have made the plan and given our best with off course some sleepless nights. End result was not only so fulfilling but it was also beautiful to eyes and convincing the rationale and attracted the compliments like music to ears.

Selfie @ Exhibition (from left: Dr. Vijay, Dr. Shreesh & Dr. Sanjeew Jain) 

Being a teacher, it was very satisfying and emotional event for me as my students has done definitely beyond my expectations.

A slideshow can be accessed here for overall portrayals,  and also a booklet which consists the feedback recorded at the exhibition.