An Academic Exercise of Learning by Teaching

Teaching is not a unilateral affair at all. We, the teachers know the essence of the issue emerges when the stakeholders from the other side of table also make their presence felt. This blog records here about those teacher-student learning and teaching moments which enrich the whole process with more meaningful way.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

My First Lecture in Classroom- Dr. Saleem Ahmad

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I heard several times as well as read that “practice makes a man perfect”, however, I could realize the actual meaning of these valuable words while I joined Galgotias University, one of India’s top premier institutions, and started teaching for the first time with the graduation students of political science. It was the beginning of the new journey in the realm of academics and at the same time my student life was going to end. It was the transformation period of my journey from a student to a teacher, at that time, I was little bit scared, because, I was new in the field of teaching, having no previous experience of delivering lecture to the students.

I still remember that it was my first lecture with the first year students of political science, then, was prepared to deliver lecture to the students with full of confidence, however, I made some small mistakes while I was teaching. After the completion of my first class, I tried to point out all the mistakes and determined not to repeat these types of mistakes again.

Now I have more than one and half years of mature teaching experience at Galgotias University. I have learnt a lot regarding teaching methods and techniques and still my attitude is to learn in the field of teaching day by day. I enjoy teaching with my students. Finally, I would say that teaching is an art and it develops gradually with the passage of time, one has to keep patience, learn from mistakes, and prepare notes in advance and revise properly before taking the class.